Below are links for general information for our value priced Series 3 products.

Platinum 3 – Used on doors, in hallways, and in any area where you want to know when a resident who wears a signalling device called a “tag” passes from an approved area to an unapproved area when not escorted by a caregiver.

Sentry – Used on lower traffic doors; has similar features to the Platinum 3 except it does not detect a tag.

Alert 6 – A nurse station or security station alarm panel used when a Platinum 3 or Sentry is not in the direct line of sight of most employees on duty.

Keypad – An optional item primarily used with maglocks. This brochure features our keypads, but other brands may be used. Contact that manufacturer for sales and installation materials.

Maglock – An optional item. Contact your local authority for rules and regulations for using maglocks in a residential facility. This brochure provides general information on maglocks. Contact manufacturers for sales and installation materials.

Tag Tester – A hand held device to test the battery of a wrist/ankle tag.